A lightweight CryptoNote digital currency

Welcome to the LightChain Network

Many projects have tried to bring cryptonote technology to the world by branching into the mobile market. In order to accomplish this properly, we need to start things off with a fair launch, a strong sense of community, and a committed team who actively maintains and furthers the project. That's where LightChain comes in, aiming to bring true, fair, and efficient cryptocurrency mining and transactions to mobile phones across the world. Join us today.

Why Now?

Cryptonote technology has come a long way since Bytecoin, and new cryptonote-based algorithms have made the dream of expanding cryptocurrency mining into the mobile market a feasible goal. LightChain will be the first cryptonote currency to adapt to growing mobile consumer needs by bringing this goal into reality.

Our Values


We will never compromise privacy or confidentiality for any reason.


All aspects of this project are fair and will remain fair. 


This is a community project- by the community, for the community. This is as important to us as privacy.


Our commitment to making this vision a reality with the help of others will remain uncompromised as we move forward.

LCXNetwork.tk WebWallet (Browser Wallet)

A browser based wallet for LightChain. Send transactions from any device that supports web browsing.

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Android Wallet v0.0.1

An android app to interface with the LCXWallet.tk webwallet. Send transactions easily from your phone.

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XWallet v0.4.0

A simple, safe, and secure GUI wallet for the LightChain Network.


Command Line Wallet