Welcome To LightChain

Zero Collateral Disciple Nodes

Our nodes have no collateral requirement and can be operated by anyone. 15% of our block reward is distributed to Disciple Nodes via Sensei, our user-friendly oracle service.

Setup Guide Sensei Node Manager

Welcome To LightChain

Low Latency Network

Our unique implementations grant leverage to the LightChain network, creating improved user-end experiences.


Welcome to LightChain

Privacy Meets Mobile

Our goal is to become the most user-friendly privacy coin for mobile devices. Unique ideas, dedicated developers, and a strong community are the building blocks of this vision.

Step One

Setup your node using our comprehensive guide. You'll need the latest version of our software and a static IP address.

Step Two

Register your node with Sensei. Simply enter your IP address, payment details, and RPC port to get started.

Step Three

You'll be paid for keeping your node open. Your service provides a variety of advantages for our network!

Installation Script

We offer an installation script for users who have never setup a node before. This script is extremely easy to use and was created to cover all aspects of the installation process. To begin, simply do the following:

  • Create a Vultr account.
  • Launch an instance using Ubuntu 18.04 as the operating system.
  • Login to the console.
  • Follow the installation script instructions found here.
  • When asked for your validation string, this is provided to you by Sensei already, so simply type it in.
  • That's it! Please note that all default settings for the server are acceptable, you do not need to add any additional features.






Block Time (s)


Community Members

Our Values


We will never compromise privacy or confidentiality for any reason.


All aspects of this project are fair and will remain fair.


Our commitment to making this vision a reality with the help of our strong community will remain uncompromised as we move forward.


Prefer a document version? Click here to view our latest release.

  • Community outreach campaign
  • Exchange applications with first listing
  • Launch of miner incentive program at block 80,000
  • Disciple Node hardfork at block 120,000
  • Algorithm changed to CN-turtle V2
  • Emission rate adjusted
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    In Progress
  • Partnership agreements
  • Additional exchange listings
  • Focus on marketing and promotion
  • Continuous improvements to Disciple Node ecosystem
  • Allow mobile devices to utilize the Disciple Node ecosystem for faster syncing and performance
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  • Expand developer team
  • Explore additional use cases for Disciple Node ecosystem and implement
  • Explore moving Sensei Node Manager on-chain and implement
  • Develop mobile marketplace platform to encourage the use of LCX
  • Awesome way to do the nodes, team. I just added three nodes, all are currently syncing. Easiest setup EVER!



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    I think the Disciple Nodes are a great concept to encourage node growth and reward for the node owner, it works similar to a masternode, without the collateral and a great overall concept for coin development.



    Discord User

    Easy to setup, reliable, and low hardware requirements.



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